A joint team of Odisha police and BSF claims to have blasted off a dump of ammunition suspected of being used by the Maoists in Malkangiri district for illegal arms production and repair.

The joint team of the Malkangiri District Voluntary group, Malkangiri SP Rishikesh Khilari said a 76th of the BSF operations were being carried out two days ago under Kalimela Police Center on the Kuru Forest, Sudhakonda and Elkanur villages.

SP Malkangiri

BSF has discovered the Kalimelá area’s explosives dump and retrieved a huge cache, 12 bore-empty cartridge boxes with caps (48 Nos), 12 bore live ammunition (2 Nos), Detonators (93 Nos), Gas cylinders (2 nos), Lathe creator (1 No) and Carbide Gas welding cylinder (1), a joint undertaking led by Malkangiri DVF and 76th Battalion.

Malkangiri Superintendent of Police, Risikesh D Khilari, has been informed by the Joint Team of machinery used to illegal manufacturing and repair weapons suspected of being used for Naxal subversive activities.

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