A senior Army officer posted in Bengaluru lost Rs 4 lakh to online fraudsters, even after requesting his account be frozen. He has now lodged a lawsuit against officials at the nationalized bank and an e-wallet service.

Brigadier, a 52-year-old, had tried on August 21 to withdraw Rs 10,000 from his account. The transaction succeeded and Rs 15,000 had been removed from an ATM. However, the slip revealed that Rs 25,000 had been removed.

The next day he contacted clients and pleaded for a reversal of Rs 10,000. The workers requested information from him and ensured that in two days the money is credited. To his surprise, on 23 August four transactions were carried out, each with Rs 49,999. The Brigadier not using online or mobile banking disclosed the case to the bank immediately and demanded his debit card to be blocked and his account to be frozen. On the same day, Viveknagar police lodged a complaint and a FIR had been reported.

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