Odisha’s COVID19 test closes at 50,000 per day, according to the State government. On 14 August, the highest single day tests to date have been performed at 47,887 tests.

The Kendrapara district leads the testing and monitoring of the virus with a total of 40, 267 testing. The district has carried out 26,800 tests per million, well over 20,514 tests per million in the country. The positive cumulative rate is 1.95% much smaller than the national average of 8.89%.

A total of 3099 tests were performed in Kendrapara on 14 August. Tests are per million per day at the national level in 1997, compared with 602. There is a slightly smaller optimistic percentage of 0.43%. In the meantime, the positive rate in the state has also fallen. About 10,000 tests were performed on 21 July, with 1078 cases of COVID19 positive. The rate of positive was approximately 10.78%. The checks were increased five times in the next three weeks to almost 50,000, and on 2496 on 14 August the number of positive cases. The rate of positive rate has dropped to some 5.2%.

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