The Supreme Court authorised the ongoing CBI investigation on Wednesday on the death in Mumbai of actor Sushant Singh Rajput saying that “the hour is appropriate for a reasonable, knowledgeable and unbiased inquiry.”

Rajput was a talenting actor in the film world of Mumbai and he dieed long before his full potential could be realized, said a judge bench of the judge Hrishikesh Roy. The result of the inquiry awaits his family , friends and admirers so that all the speculations floating around can be relieved.

The Court used its complete powers in compliance with Article 142 of the Convention to give approval of the current CBI inquiry to “ensure public trust” in the investigation and to do maximum justice.
It said this would “make the complainant (Sushant ‘s father K Singh) who missed his only son a measure of justice,” and Sushant ‘s live-in wife actress Rhea Chakraborty.

“For her too, it will be the desired justice as she herself called for a CBI investigation,” the court pointed out.

The propagation of evidence through arbitrary inquiries will definitely result in redress for the innocent men, who may be the focus of the judgment drive, the Court said, alluding to social media rumors about the position of important officials in the trial.

The Court “lawfully” issued the government recommendation to an actor for the CBI trial in a FIR submitted to the Police of Patna by its father on 25 July.
“Where Mumbai Police often seek to simultanously prosecute the cognizable crime on the basis of its results in the inquiry continuing, doubt and misunderstanding must be prevented because it is being conducted by the CBI.”

The court held that the FIR lodged by the Patna police is valid, and ended days of bickering between Maharashtra and Bihar on the question of jurisdiction.

The Court suggested that police in Mumbai have prosecuted the matter so far and no FIR has been filed.

“No illegality was committed by Patna police in filing the complaint. The exercise of jurisdiction by the Bihar Police seems to be in good standing in regard of the nature of the allegations which also relate to misappropriation and breach of trust,” the Court said.

In Mumbai, the court refuses Rhea ‘s appeal to move the Patna FIR to Mumbai.

“They were not obliged to pass the FIR to the police in Mumbai at the inquiry level,” the court said.

“The Bihar administration was, for the same purpose, empowered to agree to the CBI’s commission of inquiry and as such it finds the ongoing investigation by the CBI legitimate,” added the bench.

Singh accused Rhea of stealing, extorting, wrongful imprisonment and swindling his son’s assets.

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