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Rayagada: The district magistrate has ordered a two-day sit-in in four urban areas of the district to prevent covid infections and to conduct a rigorous probe into the incident. He visited temples, Sarala Chowk, Rahit Colony, Railway Station, State Bank of India Chowk, etc and inspected the organization for the verification process.

In particular, the administration has made arrangements to strictly check passengers returning from Kumbh Mela and other states, and the district magistrate stressed that the people of the district should be kept away from Corona. In various squares in the town of Rayagada, various departmental officials are deploying the standard to make the public aware of the use of masks.

In addition, house-to-house Anganwadi workers, teachers and other law enforcement personnel are surveying people who have returned from out-of-state and have symptoms of fever. It is being monitored and reviewed by senior district officials. Panda, PD, DRDA Maheshwar Naik, Deputy District Magistrate Gunpur, Shri Ye. San Lal, Deputy District Magistrate Pratap Chandra Pradhan, and other officials are overseeing the l, PD, D RDA, Rayagada and Covid-19 nodal officer Shri Nal visited the Bisham Cuttack block and Muniguda and visited Covid Care Center, Muniguda railway station and other places.

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Watch our video coverage for more information.

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