Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik demanded, on Wednesday, that members of the Odisha Legislative Assembly give inspiring leadership in their constituencies to contain the spread of coronavirus to make another call to state populations to strict comply with all COVID-19 directives.

Addressing a sensitisation workshop on COVID-19 for the legislators through video conferencing, the Chief Minister said, “Whether it is a natural disaster or a pandemic, my primary objective is to save every human life and I appeal to my family of four and half crores to follow all the guidelines of Government.”

He said the government is not there to implement the rules in every house or street. This pandemic should be combated jointly and it is the responsibility of the individual and all members of the Assembly. The Chief Minister expressed his thanks to all front-line workers, who have cured over 18,000 people and saved more people than the most states of the country.

“It’s not easy to continue working in an environment of insecurity, but our COVID warriors have been setting up a courageous front for the last 150 days despite the fact that their families have been infected despite their deaths.

“Let me, as House Leader, humbly say that the dedication and sacrifice of our COVID warriors is an inspiration to all of Odisha. I see the Gopabandhu Das, the Madhubabu, the Maa Rama Devi, the Parvati Giri in each of your sacrifices,” Naveen added.

Asking people for respect and integrity for COVID warriors, he called on the MLAs to take their own personal interest and inspire their own voters.


“I promise that the State will put every means to combat this pandemic to save people’s lives, and that funds will never be a constraint when it comes to protecting our people. Everything has been given free of charge from travel to quarantine, tracing and care, food and lodging.

The chief minister said his government provides everything free of charge while hospitals in other countries charge lakhs of rupee for care. “We will do the same in any part of the world, whatever the best treatment is available, so that it is accessible free of cost to our people,” he said.

Naveen said that the government launched a series of livelihood interventions and initiatives by the industrial sector in order to start the economy in the hope that Odisha would emerge much stronger and prosperous after-pandemic. Also in the debate were Speaker SN Patro, opposition leader Pradipta Naik and Legislative leader Narsingh Mishra.


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