After 1,927 covid-19 patients recovered on Friday, recoveries reached 50,000 mark in Odisha. While there were over 100 recovery records in six districts, no more than 246 patients were recovered in Khurda, followed by 190 in Ganjam, 151 in Nayagarh, 146 in Rayagada, 108 in Sundergarh and 101 in Kandhamal. While 50,504 patients have been treated, the number of reported cases is now 21,771. The remaining 28 districts, except Deogarh and Nuapada, have over 200 active events, and 4,540 are the highest in the Khurda. In the last 24 hours, 2,698 new cases have been identified taking 72,718 count cases.

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