Traffic violators in Odisha, please notice that for a few of these violations, you can suspend your driving license. 

Major improvements have been introduced in the application of traffic laws by the State Transport Authority in Odisha. As a result of new laws, those who breach requirements (including those for the first time) will for months lose their driving license validity.

These are the reasons requiring the termination of the Driving License :

  • Driving at speeds beyond the prescribed maximum even with red light
  • Overloads in carriages of goods
  • Driving vehicles under the influence of drinks and drugs
  • When driving a vehicle, using a cell phone.

The RTOs and police were briefed on the subject.

It is worth remembering that, within 7 days of revocation of this permit, the transit department granted police officers the power to seize and transfer the Driving License of the defendant to the RTO concerned.


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