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What exactly is NCC?

The Indian military cadet corps wing of the Indian armed forces is known as the NCC. NCC provides education to students in schools and colleges. This is not a required course for all students. This training programme lasts three years.
Candidates receive basic military training during their NCC training. This training is designed to pique the interest of young students in India’s three armed forces: the army, navy, and air force. NCC provides a platform for students to test their abilities in order to join the Indian Defence Services. As a result, one of the benefits of the NCC certificate is that the candidate is given some leeway during army selection.

How to Become a Member of the NCC?

NCC is open to any Indian student, male or female. NCC has two wings: the junior wing and the senior wing. Here are the details for joining NCC’s junior and senior wings.

Junior Wing: The NCC junior wing requires a minimum age of 13 years to join. The enrollment period for junior wing training is two years. To join NCC, a candidate must first contact his or her school’s headmaster or principle. If the candidate’s school does not have an NCC training facility, the student can contact the Commanding Officer of the nearest NCC Unit for more information.

Senior Wing: To join the senior wing, candidates must be at least 26 years old. This training has a three-year enrollment period. Students who want to join the senior wing must go through the same procedure as described above.

The Advantages of Joining the NCC

We have already mentioned that participating in NCC helps students develop their interpersonal skills. NCC training assists students who wish to join the Indian Armed Forces, but it is not mandatory for trainees to join any branch of the Indian Army after completing the training. NCC benefits also include self-discipline and problem-solving abilities.

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