The Union’s Ministry of Health and Welfare said on Tuesday that the reopening of Classes IX through XII from 21 September only allows schools outside the containment or red areas. The schools will also not be allowed to attend staff or students living in a containment zone.

The Health Ministry released the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) which stated, “Prior to resumption of activities, all work areas intended for teaching/demonstrations, etc., including laboratories, other common utility areas shall be sanitized with 1% sodium hypochlorite solution, with particular attention to frequently touched surfaces.”

Continuing online classes. Students will attend on a voluntary basis and are only expected to seek guidance from the teachers. The SOP also stated, “They shall have their parents / guardians written consent. Such visits and interactions between teachers and students must be staggered. 
All students will not report to school together, according to the guidelines issued by the ministry. Students will be allotted specific reporting time with guidance activities. Hand sanitisers and thermal screens are obligatory at the school’s entrance. In order to maintain social distance between 6 and 6 metres, schools were ordered to mark the floor in staff rooms, offices, the mess, librarians, cafes, and classroom.

When school reopening includes morning assembling, sports, and any event leading to crowding, few activities will be prohibited. It is also not permitted to share class notes and stationery.

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