The Indian Embassy said that Indian students in Chinese universities and colleges should stay in contact with their respective educational establishments since Beijing has not yet allowed the return of foreign students to resume their studies.

The government in China replied Monday to the Indian Mission in Peking and stated that it had not allowed foreign students to enter China for the moment, and that this entry had only been permitted in particular circumstances after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic earliest this year.

The Chinese Ministry has also indicated that Indian students should be in touch with their institutions and plan to study in China strictly in compliance with the advice and guidance of universities and colleges.

The Indian Embassy thus advised students to maintain contact with their respectively universities, and also to keep up-to – date information about their return at the Indian Embassy / Consulates website.

The Embassy discussed even Indian students ‘ questions regarding their return to China before 1 September and 17 August.

During the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, thousands of Indian students who attended different classes had come back to India.

But the statement arrives at a time of continued conflict since April-May over the transgression from the Chinese Armed forces in several places like the Finger sector, the Galwan Valley, the Hot Springs and the Kongrong Nala, which is sparking tension between New Delhi and Beijing. After 20 Indian troops were killed in violent clashes in the Galwan Valley in June, the situation deteriorated.

Sources reported on Tuesday that there was a recent firing incident on the Eastern Ladakh Lines (LAC) where Indian and Chinese troops were deployed.

Sources claimed that recently a firing incident on LAC occurred in eastern Ladakh where troops from India and China have been standing for more than three months. Sources reported that this was a firefighting incident.

India recently outflanked China by gaining strategic height control along the south bank of Pangong Lake.

The Chinese army tried to transgress in Indian areas, near Pangong Tso’s southern bank in the Ladakh region of Chushul.

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