Officials of the Ganjam hotspot of Covid-19 in Odisha said 32 babies were born to mothers in that district but no COVID-19 symptoms.

While 57 pregnant women were delivered to Covid hospital, only 32 were diagnosed with Covid-19, Vijay Amrita Kulange, Ganjam District Collector, said. The others were housed in quarantine centres, but were transferred to the Covid hospital, as there were no birth centres.

A sero-survey by the Regional Medical Research Center to measure immunoglobulin-G in the blood of people in Berhampur town of Ganjam found that up to 31% had developed Covid-19 antibodies. Now that the survey can calculate the antibody produced 14 days earlier, the development of the antikorps is likely to become even greater.

Therefore, the district recovery rate rose from 68.8% on 1 August to 82.2% on 12 August.

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