On Tuesday, Premier Narendr Modi requested that the new generation be accustomed to read books, and said it is imperative that they do not wean from serious information in this age of email, twitter and “Google guru.”

Modi also said that the voice of India along with Indian products is now becoming more global, with the country being strengthened by the opening of Patirika Gate in Jaipur and the release via a video-conference of two books by Patrika Group Chairman Gulab Kothari.

Now, he said, the world is listening more carefully to India.

The Indian media must also go worldwide, he said.

The media were ‘unprecedented,’ he said, by disseminating information about the pandemic of coronavirus, and by evaluating the government’s work and suggesting its weaknesses.

Although sometimes the media is also criticised, particularly in this age of social media, everyone must learn from the criticisms, he said.

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