February 23, 2024 9:29 am

The next season of Bigg Boss will not cost Rs 1000 crore, but Salman Khan will make less than he did last season? As far as we know, here are the facts

The fourth season of Bigg Boss has been hosted by Salman Khan. As the host of Bigg Boss 16, he will return after hosting 12 seasons of the show.

The promos for Bigg Boss 16 have caught everyone’s attention, and it will premier on Colors TV on 1st October 2022. The show’s participants have been reported in multiple ways. The talk of the town isn’t all about contestants but also Salman’s fee.

Salman Khan will be charging for the show again this year, according to multiple reports in the entertainment news. Additionally, it has been reported that the superstar will charge the show Rs. 1000 crore. It has turned out, however, that the report was false.

A report in Midday says Bigg Boss OTT will not return as sponsors aren’t interested after season 1 failed to meet revenue expectations. Salman is also expected to cut his pay instead of raising fees this year, according to reports.

According to reports, Salman charged Rs. 350 crore for Bigg Boss 15 last year, and if the reports are true, he will receive less this year. It has never been officially discussed how much Salman charges for the show.

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