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  • Area: 7,073.00 sq km
  • Villages: 2667
  • Population: 9,67,911
  • Municipality: 1 NAC: 2
  • Literacy Rate: 42.13%
  • Police Station: 15
  • Block: 11
  • Gram Panchayats: 182

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14 hours ago

Rayagada Updates

Action against defaulting Two wheelers:

On 17/7/2019 evening Rayagada Police conducted Motorcycle checking in Rayagada town focusing on motorcycles with Odd Number design plates, Unauthorised Horns, Silencers, Glaring lights. As such, Total 84 motorcycles were checked and Rs.23,500/- fine amount collected from different defaulters. The same drive will also be conducted in different towns of Rayagada district very soon.
#RayagadaPolice #OdishaPoliceOrganisation #DIGSwrKoraput

These are photos of motorcycles with odd number design plates and sound silencer from Bullets replaced at PS and fine amounts.

Post Credit : SP Rayagada Odisha Page
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Appreciate your action to educate public and penalty to Over Smart Biker.

Appreciate the Initiative taken, but when it comes to Pollution ..RTA must arrange pollution checking van and all vehicles must be checked and get certificate..

Bahut badhia

Nice Nice... Job... Different different horns are irritating... And some bike repair guys are driving noise...

crush those silencers and give back to them

Saroj Dora

19 hours ago

Rayagada Updates

Through the Rayagada Police Administration, everything is being taken into historical action first time in Rayagada..Now such a tough action has been implemented in Rayagada.
Jay hind🇮🇳
In a joint operation of Chandili and Rayagada police at least 55 two wheelers detained in the police stations which were creating panic and noise pollution in the streets through their typical sounding horns. Good efforts by Rayagada police
#RayagadaPolice #OdishaPoliceOrganisation #DIGSwrKoraput
#SaveWorldPlantTrees #ClimateChange
Post credit:- SP Rayagada Odisha Page
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Comment on Facebook

Good job. Should be continued till last vehicle is caught.

Good step


Good step but dine dui dina pare au thare jaua ku seia haba

1 week ago

Rayagada Updates

Rath Yatra at Rayagada.
Different Avatars of Lord Jagannath.
#Rayagada #JaiJagannath

P.C - Sugandhan Pandy
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Comment on Facebook

Jai Jagannath

Jai jaganath

Jai Jagannath Swamy

Jai mata di

1 week ago

Rayagada Updates

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👌👌👌👌super image

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